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Metals and Non-metals Test 05


Please read the following instructions very carefully:

  1. You have 30 minutes to complete the test.
  2. The test contains 15 questions.
  3. There is no negative marking, so no any marks will be deduct for a wrong answer.
  4. You can change your answer by clicking on some other option.
  5. You can unmark your answer by clicking on the Deselect button.
  6. Donot refresh or back page after disconnect to internet, while you may proceed your exam. On disconnect avoid to attempt multiple choice many answer.
  7. You can mark a question for reviewing it later by clicking on the Mark for review button. Once clicked, the button changes to “Unmark for review”. Click Unmark for review to unmark the question.
  8. You can move back and forth between the questions by clicking the buttons Previous and Next respectively.
  9. A Number list of all questions appears at the right hand side of the screen. You can access the questions in any order within a section or across sections by clicking on the question number given on the number list.
  10. You can use rough sheets while taking the test. Calculators, log tables, dictionaries, or any other printed/online reference material during the test will be as per instructions.
  11. Do not click the button Submit Test before completing the test. A test once submitted cannot be resumed.
  12. Result will be generated only if you are a registered user and attempt test after sign in your account. If not a register user click at sign up for free registration.